Customer source records

This resource cointains all records of customers and customer sources.

Available methods

All available methods for resource customer-source-records.

HTTP method Endpoint Description
[badge-blue GET] /customer-source-records Collection of customer source records

Get customer source records

Get information about all customer source records.
[badge-blue GET] /customer-source-records

Query string

Parameter name Type Description Mandatory (Yes/No)
count integer The number of records to return.
Default value is 100.
offset integer The number of records from a collection to skip.
Default value is 0.
sort_field string One of the query string parameters for sorting.
Response is sorted by the specified field.
sort_direction string Direction of sorting the response list.
Possible values are: ASC / DESC
customer_id string The unique id of the customer No
external_id string The unique external id of the customer. It may be id from the other system No
customer_source_id string The unique id of the customer source. It identifies the system where the customer belongs or the customer account was created No


Status code: 200 OK
Output structure : object

Parameter name Type Description
customer_source_records CustomerSourceRecord[] List of the customer source records
total_items integer Count of all found customer source records

Example Request

GET https://<projectURL>/rest-api/customer-interface/v1.0/customer-source-records
Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: cs, en-gb;q=0.8
Authorization: Basic Y3VzdG9tZXJfaW50ZXJmYWNlOjhhMGI5ZjZkNjAQzD4Mjk5OTE1Nzk4YWVmM2JmMTg5MDU2MDIxMTY4MWFkMjcwNzM3ZWExMjhlODViOGU0MmI1NQ==

Example response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 14:18:08 GMT
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

  "data": {
    "customer_source_records": [
        "customer_source_record_id": "8fd6413615ac66413615",
        "customer_source_id": "8fd5ac664136155defa0d64c0",
        "customer_id": "8aa209ac2f84f95201d96bb23",
        "external_id": null,
        "last_change": "2021-04-07 11:54:23"
        "customer_source_record_id": "8fd5ac6f84f9526413615",
        "customer_source_id": "83d37e6f1f08e55d24e74830f",
        "customer_id": "8aa209ac2f84f952014d6bb23",
        "external_id": null,
        "last_change": "2021-04-13 15:25:39"
    "total_items": 2