There are different areas that customers are interested in, that they enjoy, that they like or prefer. Resource interests can be used to manage all this customer project specific preferences, personal interests, passions or hobbies.

Available methods

All available methods for resource Interests.

HTTP method Endpoint Description
[badge-blue GET] /interests Get information about all interests
[badge-blue GET] /interests/{interest_id} Get information about an interest

Get all interests

Get information about interests as a list of all interests
[badge-blue GET] /interests

Query string

Parameter name Type Description Mandatory (Yes/No)
count integer The number of records to return.
Default value is 100.
offset integer The number of records from a collection to skip.
Default value is 0.
sort_field string One of the query string parameters for sorting.
Response is sorted by the specified field.
sort_direction string Direction of sorting the response list.
Possible values are: ASC / DESC
name string Name for the interest No


Status code: 200 OK
Output structure : object

Parameter name Type Description
interests Interest[] List of all interests
total_items integer Count of all found interests

Get an interest

Get information about a specific interest
[badge-blue GET] /interests/{interest_id}

Path parameters

Parameter name Type Description
interest_id string The unique id for the interest


Status code: 200 OK
Output structure : Interest