Product reservation sources

You can get the list of the available product reservation sources here.

Available methods

All available methods for resource product reservation sources.

HTTP method Endpoint Description
[badge-blue GET] /product-reservation-sources Get information about all product reservation sources
[badge-blue GET] /product-reservation-sources/{product_reservation_sources_id} Get information about specific product reservation source

Get all product reservation sources

Get a list of product reservation sources accepted in CRM CareCloud
[badge-blue GET ] /product-reservation-sources

Query string

Parameter name Type Description Mandatory (Yes/No)
count integer The number of records to return.
Default value is 100.
offset integer The number of records from a collection to skip.
Default value is 0.
sort_field string One of the query string parameters for sorting.
Response is sorted by the specified field.
sort_direction string Direction of sorting the response list.
Possible values are: ASC / DESC


Status code: 200 OK
Output structure : object

Parameter name Type Description
product_reservation_sources ProductReservationSource[] List of the product reservation sources
total_items integer Count of all found product reservation sources

Detail of an product reservation source

Get information about a specific product reservation source
[badge-blue GET] /product-reservation-sources/{product_reservation_source_id}

Path parameters

Parameter name Type Description
product_reservation_source_id string The unique id of an product reservation source in CareCloud


Status code: 200 OK
Output structure : ProductReservationSource