CRM CareCloud API Documentation

Learn here the basics of the CRM CareCloud API, from authentication to available resources. Learn about the CRM CareCloud REST API, which can be used to connect CRM CareCloud to other systems like e-shops, POS, kiosks, booking and other similar production systems, which process the customer data sets with its relationships or end user applications like mobile Android and iOS APPs or web customer microsites which needs to get the unique customer data.

Getting started

This is the description of the basics of the CRM CareCloud API. It is desribed here the domain structure and the parameters of the URL, the difference between Enterprise and Customer API, HTTP methods used in the API, authentication details and more.

CRM CareCloud API Reference

CRM CareCloud REST API Reference describes each available Resource in the API, you can learn more about parameters, errors, and how to format your requests. Review all available resources for CRM CareCloud REST API with this reference overview.